Robust Analytics Awarded Two-Year Contract from NASA for In-Time Safety Margin Monitoring Research

On April 13, 2018 NASA awarded a two-year contract to Robust Analytics to build a prototype of our terminal area safety margin concept. Robust Analytics team will add real-time speech-to-text (STT) monitoring of controller-pilot radio communications to the risk state analytical framework previously demonstrated by Robust Analytics. The combination of our successful application of STT to ATC communications with the risk state analysis data fusion and analytical framework will provide an in-time risk and safety margin monitoring capability for the National Airspace System (NAS).

Adding voice communications monitoring remains crucial for achieving NASA’s system-wide safety monitoring goals. Voice is still the main source of ATC-pilot communications and a large body of airspace situational awareness and operationally-related information is contained therein that never makes it effectively back into broader NAS use. Our innovation provides access to that information, in real-time, and with the built-in analytics to use that information to identify anomalies and provide alerts. When combined with the other factors included in our risk state assessment framework, our innovation would have identified recent crashes such as Asiana 214 and UPS 1354 as high risk flights, before the events occurred.

Robust Analytics offers a vision for NAS-wide, real-time safety monitoring based on analyzing controller-pilot voice communications for anomalies and clearance deviations, and combining that insight with information from other data sources (flight plans, position reports, weather, infrastructure status, and traffic density) through advanced analytics with cloud computing for a scalable, reliable 24/7 solution. Robust Analytics partnered with IBM on this research project and we will be developing a customized version of the IBM Watson Speech-to-Text service.

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