The Airspace Safety Margin Evaluation Tool (ASMET) integrates flight plans, aircraft position reports, weather, infrastructure status, and traffic density to identify and predict terminal area airspace risk state. ASMET performs two primary functions: (1) use current airspace states to monitor the current safety margin of the terminal airspace, and (2) predict future airspace states and safety margin values. The core concept of ASMET is to assess the safety margin of the airspace as a function of traffic density, weather, and equipment outages.

The ATL prototype uses data on weather, infrastructure status, and traffic density to predict the airport risk status in 15-minute increment over a four-hour forecast period. Users access the ASMET application via a web browser and can customize the display. Under the new contract, Robust Analytics will develop a production version of ASMET. This expanded version will add at least 20 U.S. airports, develop additional risk factors and metrics, develop a probabilistic risk forecast, and implement a reporting system. The final product will support multiple simultaneous users, provide a user interface that displays a NAS-wide safety monitor view, and provide users with the ability to view individual airports in more detail. Over the next year, we plan to conduct operational evaluations with NASA and its airline safety partners.

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