Robust provides leading edge technical, business, and research services to the following government agencies and other partners:

National Aeronautics and Space Administration

  • Airspace Operations and Safety Program
  • SMART NAS Architecture
  • SMART NAS Test Bed
  • ARMD Strategy, Analysis, and Architecture
  • Trajectory-Based Operation (TBO) Project

Federal Aviation Administration

  • Unmanned Aircraft Systems Integration Program Office
  • Office of Accident Investigation and Prevention, ASIAS Division
  • Flight Standards Service – Performance Based Flight Systems Branch
  • Aviation Safety, Crew Fatigue Program
  • Flight Standards Service, Flight Standards Training Division
  • Air Traffic Organization, Surveillance Systems and Sensors Program Office (ASR-9 & Mode S)

Department of Homeland Security

  • Science and Technology Directorate Infrastructure Protection & Disaster Management Division
  • Science and Technology Directorate Explosives Division

Industry Customers

  • Science Applications Research International Corporation (SAIC)
  • Crown Consulting

Collaboration Partners

  • IBM
  • The Weather Company
  • Sabre Airline Solutions