In support of NASA’s autonomous flight research programs, Robust Analytics is developing a suite of technologies to manage multiple autonomous or semi-autonomous aircraft including Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) and Urban Air Mobility (UAM) operations. Our approach extends the existing knowledge base of airline operations, leveraging emerging technologies that enable autonomous flight. DOCAF monitors vehicle systems and data, coupled with auto-upload and download of dynamic flight data required to support safe and efficient flight operation. Our system provides an evolutionary pathway for the monitoring and control of multiple semi-autonomous and autonomous flights by a single operator.

We propose and develop new functionality to accelerate this transition. Our vision aims to extend and enhance current capabilities to transition the functions of today’s airline dispatchers to future airspace and vehicle concepts. In the near term, our research will benefit the developers and future operators of new urban air mobility and cargo delivery services as all of them need to implement a ground-based, dispatch operational control system. Our DOCAF technology supports early deployment of new services by defining the ground-based capabilities they require and by offering a technology solution to air-ground integration to enable monitoring and operational control.