Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) Data Communications Network (EDCN) for Trajectory Based Operations (TBO)

The Electronic Flight Bag Data Communications Network (EDCN) provides for exchange of data, text, and images between Dispatchers and Pilots via wireless internet to the flight deck. Initial applications enable shared situation awareness, ground-generated in flight re-routes, and transmission of supporting data and images: the entire flight path plus weather.  EDCN also allows for Pilot-initiated route changes with Dispatcher notification and confirmation. EDCN offers Quick Response buttons (for example, Request Weather Update) to reduce input errors and accelerate decision and execution time.

EDCN offers airlines and business aviation a low risk solution to improve flight efficiency and safety. Our solution works with existing aircraft communications systems and requires no new aircraft hardware. In the operations center, our software operates with dispatcher support systems including WSI Fusion and Sabre Flight Explorer.

EDCN is now available for the iPad and Microsoft Surface tablets.  Future versions will add continuous background search for more efficient flight paths for the Dispatchers and Pilots (coming in Summer 2018).

For more information, please contact: Dr. Peter F. Kostiuk, peter.kostiuk@robust-analytics.com, (410) 980-3667.